WHAT IS Solana Dog Business

Solana Dog Business is an upcoming NFT Launchpad and NFT Marketplace offering only 256 unique Solana Dog as NFT on its Private sale.
By collecting any one of the monkeys you will be whitelisted to all of our upcoming Launchpad NFT projects and 50% fees of our NFT Marketplace will be distributed to all SDB NFT holders for life.

Road Map

Twitter and Discord community Created

Solana Doge Business Twitter and Discord community channel launched on 1st January 2022

SDB Website Launch

3rd January 2022 official website launched

Private Sale

Private Sale Round 1 on 5th January 2022 

Public Sale

Public Minting (0.25 Sol) start from January 20, 2022

Marketplace Listing

SBD will be listed on Magic Eden and Solsea Marketplace to Trade

SBD Marketplace Launch

SBD's Own NFT marketplace will be launched (January 2022 end week)

SDB DAO Launch

50% of all the sales of SBD Marketplace goes to the SBD NFT holders using DAO.



You can directly mint SBD on Magiceden and Solsea Marketplace on January 20, 2022

  1. You will get whitelist opportunity of all our NFT launchpad projects
  2. 50% sale of all Solana Doge Business Marketplace  will be distributed to all SDB NFT holders

Meet The Team

Amanda Lee


blockchain developer at amazon 

Adam Cheise


UI/UX designer at Canva

Mike Stuart


Advisory marketer at Oasis labs